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He is Risen

In this brand-new Gospel tract, Daniel Kolenda reveals Biblical truths on the resurrection that are practical, applicable, and transformational!

Through the message of the resurrection, this powerful booklet is a great evangelistic tool communicates:

  • God’s indescribable love - The forgiveness God offers
  • A hope for the future
  • And healing!

When the Angel stood by the empty tomb and declared, “HE IS RISEN,” he was announcing the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the day that changed the course of history.

The message “HE IS RISEN” is at the core of the Christian faith and must be shared! That’s why this booklet comes in a pack of 10, so you can easily give it to family and friends. HE IS RISEN addresses three plausible questions asked about the resurrection of Jesus:

  • Did the resurrection really happen?
  • Why does the Resurrection even matter?
  • Why does the Resurrection matter to YOU?

And why is the Gospel tract still relevant and effective?

  • It’s a concise, compelling, and coherent presentation of the Gospel anyone can read.
  • We may forget a Bible verse but a Gospel tract never gets nervous and knows what to say.
  • Can be carried to places you could never go to and be read by more people than you would ever meet!
  • The tract doesn’t get rattled or engage in debates.
  • The Gospel is in the power of God unto salvation, and that power is released in the tract’s message you freely give!

Get “HE IS RISEN” today in a pack of 10!

Be sure to purchase packs of 10 for your church, small groups, and outreaches!

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