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Documented Decisions for Christ and Counting



Documented Decisions for Christ and Counting



Dear Friends and Partners,


We’ve just finished the long journey home from our Gospel Crusade in Ghana this past Saturday and Sunday (Nov. 12th & 13th) and I want to take a moment to give you the final, amazing report.

Our last Gospel crusade of the year ended on a very high note. The crowds more than doubled the last night. There were many tens of thousands of decisions for Christ documented (the team is still counting the decision cards) and so many amazing miracles took place!




As I’m sure you know by now, one of the big mandates on this ministry in this season is “Multiplication.” At this point, it plays a part in everything we do as we work to train, equip and deploy laborers into the harvest.  In this crusade, the impact of these multiplication efforts could be felt. The whole city was reeling from the 2,862 separate outreaches that shook the region in a three-week period leading up to the crusade resulting in 350,693 documented decisions for Christ! We heard many reports from local pastors that they have been stirred and convicted by the passion of these Bootcamp evangelists—so much so that many are continuing to conduct the same kinds of outreaches after we’ve gone. We even heard from one major denomination in Ghana that sent representatives to learn what we are doing so that they can implement the Bootcamp outreach strategies across the entire nation!


The students have all returned home now and they will graduate on Saturday evening. I’ve heard so many amazing testimonies that it’s almost overwhelming. It has been a completely life-altering experience for so many of them and their upcoming graduation is not the end, it’s just the beginning of many years of fruitful Gospel impact!



On the last two nights, I also worked with a number of Bootcamp graduates, most of whom are now part of our leadership team, to minister to the sick. On Saturday night Roselyne Aaron, Evelina Smane, and Gary Smith, and on Sunday Jared Horton, Eliot Morgan and Macoby Donaldson ministered powerfully with signs and wonders following.               





A young man fell from a tall height one year ago. As a result of this accident, he had to get surgery. He showed us an X-ray of screws in his spine. He couldn’t bend or turn his body from side to side. This condition affected his job. Jesus healed him on the second night of the crusade; he can now turn from side to side and bend his back.




A lady named Frida suffered with excruciatingly painful breast cancer for 6 years. She could not touch her chest without pain. During the prayer, she felt something come out of her and all the pain in her breasts vanished. She could touch her chest with no pain.


This same lady also mentioned that her landlord placed a curse on her a week ago using the name of a god/evil spirit that was well-known in the land. When Evangelist Roselyne was breaking curses, she called out the name of this particular god, and a flash of light hit her. She fell to the ground and said that immediately the curse was broken! She is free and healed.


These and MANY more testimonies are circulating around Kumasi today. Jesus is alive and He is the same yesterday, today, and forever!





One final request—we have some very serious end-of-year financial needs at the moment. Because of severe inflation in Ghana, our crusade cost about 40% more than we had anticipated. This has put us in a very difficult, even dire situation financially. At the moment, we are trusting the Lord to help us supernaturally. If you feel led to help us, we would appreciate it right now more than you can imagine.



YES! I'll help with this urgent need.




Thank you for pressing forward with us in this great harvest.


Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Together with the CfaN family worldwide

Double Harvest


Dear Friends and Partners,
The second day of our Gospel Crusade in Kumasi, Ghana, has just come to a close. To see the recap from last night's crusade, click here: 

Tonight dark, ominous clouds threatened our program and torrential rains soaked the area surrounding our field, but thankfully, we remained dry. The gospel was preached. The power of God touched thousands of people, and Jesus was glorified!

In addition to our Fire conference (in the mornings) and the gospel Crusade (in the evenings), the Bootcamp students have continued their local outreaches as well. As of today, they have conducted 2,862 separate, individual outreaches and have documented 350,693 decisions for Christ!! Again, this is all in addition to those being saved at the crusade (the numbers from which have yet to be tallied). This means that we will certainly surpass 3 million documented decisions for Christ this year before the week is over! This truly is the season of “Double Harvest.”

When I asked the crowd tonight how many people had received a physical healing in this crusade, literally thousands of hands went into the air.


Here are a few of the incredible testimonies from tonight:


Tonight, we heard from a woman who came to the crusade last night with a growth on her leg, which has since vanished. She brought pictures of the way her foot looked last night, and we were able to compare it. It looked like a totally different foot. In fact, the shoes she was wearing tonight she said she was not able to wear on that foot yesterday at all!


There was also a 24-year-old young lady who had never spoken before in her life. Tonight, she began to utter sounds – not fully formed words yet. It is miraculous, however, considering she’s never been able to do this in her entire life!


A woman with painful fibroids said that they suddenly vanished during the prayer tonight! She has no more pain.


A young man who had fallen from a tall tree (he said it was “taller than a coconut tree”) said he had been suffering with severe back pain for the last 11 years. Last night he was totally healed. All pain is gone!


Tomorrow morning Reverend Peter Vandenberg and I will conclude the Fire conference, which will culminate in an impartation service. Please be praying with us for a mass outpouring of the Holy Spirit in both the morning and evening services.

Dangers, Toils & Snares


Dear Friends and Partners,

We have finally made it to the city of Kumasi in the nation of Ghana for our final gospel crusade of 2022. Have a look at the video of our arrival yesterday:


The road to get here has been fraught with many dangers, toils, and snares. Actually, it is miraculous that we have made it this far. One of the biggest challenges we had was with the crusade field. There was simply no place in Kumasi large enough to hold the massive crowd that we are expecting to gather—except for one. It’s a 29-acre field (equivalent of 22 American football fields) in the center of Kumasi, but it has been a “sacred” ground and has been off-limits. 


If you read the report that went out a few days ago, I explained:


The major reason for the opposition is – that this field has never been leveled or prepared for a mass gathering (even though it’s in the center of the city), and there’s an eleventh-hour reluctance to allow it.  Furthermore, it is the center of the Ashanti kingdom. (One the largest kingdoms in Africa, reaching far beyond Ghana.)  For centuries, this has been the traditional venue for spiritism and animistic witchcraft practices . . .  BUT {thank the Lord} the current king, and many others, DID want it to be used for other purposes (like our Crusade).  And after extensive deliberations and negotiations, we prevailed.


Our crusade director said:

“When the bulldozers arrived to prepare the field, the caretaker, a practicing witchdoctor, called the police, and a long standoff took place.  After further negotiations, they (finally) agreed for the work to proceed . . . as long as we erected four pedestrian bridges across their ‘holy stream.”



Another problem that we faced was getting our eight trucks filled with crusade equipment (speakers, sound equipment, lights, platform, etc.) across three international borders. At one of the borders, our team was stranded for nearly 10 days. This means that they only arrived on Monday of this week, forcing them to compress five days' worth of setup into two! The team looked exhausted tonight, but they have pulled off the Herculean feat. This is why they are the best on the planet. Where others would give up and go home, they rise to the challenge and do the impossible. 


We also have more than 120 BootCamp students that have been here for nearly three weeks completing their training (what is called their “Initiation”). In less than three weeks, they have conducted 1,801 outreaches and seen 340,174 documented decisions for Christ! And that is before the crusade even started!


Now, the first night of our gospel Crusade has just come to a close. More than 100,000 people attended this opening service.



The atmosphere was electric. The faith and expectation of the people was palpable. As I preached, the response to the gospel was overwhelming, and many tens of thousands surrendered their lives to Jesus tonight.




Right before it was time to pray for the sick, lightning began flashing in the distance, and rain began to pour on the field. The vast majority of the people never moved. I prayed for the sick and took testimonies in the pouring rain.




Here are a few of the wonderful miracles that happened tonight:


A man who had been on crutches for the last eight years as the result of a semi-truck accident was healed tonight and walked without his crutches!


A man with terrible, debilitating chest pain was healed during the prayer!


A little girl who suffered with epilepsy and had not been able to speak was healed!


A man with severely limited mobility due to a back injury was able to move freely tonight, bend down and touch toes and move with perfect freedom!


This is only the first night of our crusade here, and I’m sure that over the next three nights, we will experience a mighty move of God. Please continue to pray for us and for our entire team on the ground. 




Event Dates: November 10th - November 13th, 2022 

Coordinates: 6.6666° N, 1.6163° W 

Population: 32,596,701 inhabitants (2022)