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Fire Camps will change the lives of young people (ages 17 – 33) who feel called to evangelism.


Fire Camp is a nine or twelve-day experience, where around 50 young people come together to deepen their relationship with Jesus and learn spiritual and practical skills for evangelism. It’s an opportunity to build relationships, as the participants will live together, share meals, and fellowship regularly. On the practical side, they will be taking their newfound skills to the street to share the Gospel in the surrounding areas.

The main goal of the Fire Camps is to help each participant to grow in their evangelistic gifts. We will have teaching modules on the Holy Spirit and the Great Commission, and on the role of the evangelist in the local and worldwide church.

We’re looking forward to times of deep, Holy Spirit ministry at every Fire Camp – and we can’t wait to see what God does with these young lives, wholly given over to Him. God has great things in store for Europe!

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